What Influences BAC readings in Arizona?

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What Influences BAC readings in Arizona?

what influences bacMany people want to know how much alcohol they could consume without breaking Arizona laws. This question is difficult to answer because multiple factors apart from the consumption of alcoholic beverages can affect the BAC reading.

It has been scientifically established that a man and a woman of the same height and weight will be affected differently by the same amount of alcohol. The woman is going to have a higher BAC reading because her body metabolizes alcohol in a different way.

Gender is just one of the factors that will affect a BAC reading. Several other things could potentially influence the BAC, making it either higher or lower than anticipated.


The older you are, the higher your BAC is going to be. A glass of wine is going to affect you one way when you’re 20 and in a completely different manner when you’re 55.

The intoxicating effects of alcohol become more pronounced with age. Thus, a smaller amount of alcohol will be sufficient to cause impairment in an older adult.

The only exception to this rule applies to long-term drinkers. People who have been consuming alcohol regularly for a certain period of time develop a tolerance to such beverages. The liver becomes more efficient at metabolizing alcohol and a larger quantity will be needed to produce a high BAC than in the case of people who do not consume alcoholic beverages regularly.

The Type of Drink

Drinks that contain more than one type of liquor will obviously contribute to impairment faster than a comparable amount of a single type of alcohol. This, however, isn’t the only drink-related factor that will affect the BAC.

Cocktails that feature fruit juices and syrups are absorbed slower. Carbonated beverages speed up the absorption of alcohol. A carbonated drink makes the alcohol pass faster through the stomach and the intestines. It reaches the bloodstream quickly, causing a rapid elevation in BAC.

Fitness Level

If you’re a couch potato, you will experience a less rapid increase in BAC than a fit and active individual.

People who work out on a regular basis tend to have fewer toxins in their body and their circulation is also better. As a result, those who have an active lifestyle will be affected by alcohol almost immediately, experiencing a quick increase in BAC.

The Speed of Alcohol Consumption

Have you had one drink while chatting with friends over the course of two hours or did you gulp it down in 10 minutes? The speed of alcohol consumption will affect the rate of blood alcohol content elevation.

Quick alcohol consumption will lead to rapid intoxication and impairment. The rate at which the liver metabolizes alcohol is approximately one drink per hour (one drink is a standard measure that refers to 12 ounces of beer, five ounces of wine or 80-proof distilled spirits of hard liquor).

The rapid consumption of two or more drinks will make it impossible for the liver to keep up. Thus, a lot more alcohol is going to reach the bloodstream quickly.

The consumption of food before or during drinking will affect the rate of absorption, as well. If you gulp down two glasses of wine rapidly and on an empty stomach, you’ll see a higher increase in BAC than in the case of drinking the same amount and within the same time period but after you’ve eaten.

Food prevents alcohol from reaching the intestines immediately. This is where most of the alcohol bloodstream absorption takes place. A person will still get intoxicated even after the consumption of a meal but the effect will be slower.  Click here to find out what BAC tests are taken in Arizona.