How to Get My License Back After a DUI?

Being convicted of a DUI in Arizona means serving a 90-day license suspension or a full year of license revocation. You may have the option to get a restricted license following 30 days of suspension. Read on to learn more about that process.

Once your suspension time has passed, you’re ready to take the next steps in putting your life back together following your conviction by getting your license reinstated. This process is pretty straightforward and easy if you have the necessary paperwork ready.

Getting a restricted license

If your license has been suspended, you can petition to get a restricted license after 30 days. A restricted license will permit you to drive to work or school as well as see a probation officer, if necessary.

You must prove that you have completed the necessary alcohol and drug education required by Arizona law following a DUI conviction. If your 30 days have passed and you have yet to complete your required drug and alcohol education, you can still complete this and petition for a restricted license more than 30 days after your suspension.

Installing an ignition interlock device

You’ll be required to have an ignition interlock device on your car for no less than 12 months following a DUI conviction. Even if your license has been reinstated without installing the device, you’ll want to ensure your vehicle has one because violating that rule could mean losing your license again.

Once your license is reinstated, you should be aware that you need an ignition interlock device in place on any car you drive, not just your own car. Failure to do so can mean serving an additional full year using the ignition interlock device from the original date your restriction would have ended.

You’ll need proof of installation before you can reinstate your license. A certified installer will notify the state electronically within 24 hours of installation. However, if you need your license reinstated sooner than that 24-hour period, you can bring a copy of the proof of installation to the MVD to get your license reinstated.

You should know that the interlock device sends electronic updates to the state regularly as a check for your compliance. Tampering with the device or trying to circumvent it may be apparent in these reports and result in an additional 12 months of use from the original date you would have completed serving your time for the violation.

Getting your driver’s license reinstated

Once you have served your time period without a license – whether that be 90 days or a full year – you can visit the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) to file for reinstatement. There is also paperwork you can complete online if you prefer. You must provide proof of insurance and proof that you’ve completed the necessary alcohol and drug education.

To begin, you’ll need to ensure that the address the MVD has on file for you is accurate. Be prepared with your driver’s license number, vehicle VIN, proof of insurance, and a $50 reinstatement fee.

Note, you’ll need to keep track of the date you’re eligible for reinstatement. You won’t get a notice in the mail or a phone call letting you know you are eligible.  Click here for information on CDL DUI in Arizona.

Second offense reinstatement

If this is your second time having your license revoked in Arizona, getting your license back is more complicated. You’ll need to request an investigation packet from the MVD. Additionally, you’ll need to prove that you are capable of driving by providing documentation from your physician or counselor stating that you are well.

You’ll also need a high-risk liability insurance policy. You’ll provide that proof of insurance to the MVD when you file for reinstatement.

Avoiding a DUI conviction in the first place makes the process much simpler. A DUI attorney can present your case and help with getting you a less severe penalty or no conviction at all.

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